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MESA Climbing Gym - Mindzai Featured Client of the Month - March

Mesa Climbing Gym

MESA climbing gym is climbing its way to the top of Austin's Hottest new Climbing Gyms. Having recently opened its doors on March 7th, Mindzai went to their gym to ask them a few questions about their business and what they’re most excited to build.


Q: So KC, tell us a little about what you do for Mesa Rim.

A: My name’s KC and I’m the site manager at Mesa Rim Austin, which means I open the gym and operate it daily with my amazing team.

Q: Why are you so particularly stoked about this location opening?

A: I’m excited for the Mesa Rim Austin location to open on March 7th, so that we can support, build, and share in the Austin climbing community and continue to grow it. We believe that climbing can be transformative, and we encourage people to discover joy through movement.

Q: Speaking of the Austin climbing community, what makes Mesa Rim Austin different from the other gyms we have here?

A: The difference between our gym and our amazing neighbors we have here in Austin is that we are a fully dedicated rope gym and bouldering gym with 55 foot tall walls. Austin hasn’t seen a gym of this size as of yet. We’re also independently owned and dedicated to growing the culture of this sport and inspiring humans.

Q: Is Mesa Rim just a rock gym; is climbing the only thing that you guys do?

A: Oh gosh no, I mean we have a lot of rock climbing but we also offer yoga and fitness classes. We have a full fitness facility and yoga studio. We also offer education and training through workshops. We really want people to be able to improve themselves and explore movement in the facility, even if it’s not through rock climbing.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of MESA's journey. If you're in or around Austin, make sure you stop by to check them out!


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