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The Foundation of Branding: Your Logo

The Foundation of Branding: Your Logo

With the booming generation of the side hustle, it seems like everyone is running some sort of business these days. We think that's great! If you've got a main business, an Etsy account, or are selling your art on the side ... we know you'll need Mindzai's printing services at some point. But, let's rewind! Before the business cards promoting your website, or the custom printed T-shirts with your name, you started at the very beginning... your logo.

Your logo is a visual representation of your company. It's the cornerstone of who YOU are and what you represent -- what you believe in and what you want others to remember. Your company's identity is communicated with your logo, and it's one of the most important assets to make your business memorable. A great logo gains more meaning over time. Think of Nike, Mercedes, and McDonalds. When you see these logos, you don't even need the company name to associate with them. You know the symbols! They are iconic. This type of recognition is the holy grail for every business out there, and shouldn't it be achievable for everyone? You betcha.





Mindzai's design services have expanded since the beginning days. Now, we've got a solid team of artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and all-around baddasses that work hand in hand with you to make your vision a reality. Nothing makes us cringe more than clients who come to us with busted logos they got from Fiverr (seriously do not do this). If your logo cost you $5 to make, then expect it to return $5 worth of business back to you, if that. It's not worth the hassle. But, we'll gladly fix it for you :)


Even if you have NO idea what you'd like as your logo, you can take advantage of our free graphic design consultations to discuss everything from existing logos you like, colors you want to incorporate, what your business entails and who your clients are. The great part about having a team of creatives, is that we can work with just your basic information and come up with several ideas we think would work best for you! 





Designing a logo can be a really fun process! Our typical turn around on producing logos and branding packages is a few weeks, but sometimes things *click* and ideas come together quicker. 

Typically we charge $1,000 for a small business brand and collateral design project, and $500 for logo design.

This would include the initial consultation with you to get headed in the right direction. You'd receive 5-8 "thumbnail" sketches based on the logo references / styles you provide us with. 





See something you like? From there, you'll receive 2 digital mock ups of your favorite two sketches, and two rounds of minor revision of the mock up you want to finalize. Boom! 

Once the final logo is approved we will design: Business Cards, Shop FlyersStickersT-Shirt mock ups. Printing is extra, but since we're a one-stop shop we promise you're in good hands. 




The bottom line is, logos and branding packages are going to cost you money. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The gas / oil company BP spent nearly $2 million on their logo. We don't charge quite that much, but building a brand is an investment in itself. You reap what you sow, so to speak. Your logo is shorthand for your business culture, values, and aesthetic. 

Send an email to for your graphic design quote today! 

As Aristotle once put it, "the soul cannot think without an image."

Written by Susannah Leigh Caviness


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